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Carol E. Cardonick Esquire has been a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association since 1987. Her family law practice is focused in the Pennsylvania county areas of Montgomery, Bucks, Philadelphia, Delaware and the surrounding counties where she practices in the areas of custody, support, divorce, adoption and all aspects of Family Law, Mediation, and Collaborative Law.

Ms. Cardonick received her B.A. degree and Law Degree from Temple University. Ms. Cardonick's background is in the therapeutic areas of social work which provide the much needed compassion and empathy for parties embroiled in family law matters.

Ms. Cardonick has spoken and led presentations on child custody, spousal support, alimony and divorce for various professional groups. Carol is a member of the following Bar Associations and/or Family Law Sections: American Bar Association, Pennsylvania Bar Association, Montgomery Bar Association, Bucks County Bar Association and Philadelphia Bar Association. Carol has chaired and/or co-chaired the Divorce/Equitable Distribution, Support/Alimony Committee and Custody Committee of various Bar Associations.

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Practicing Areas

Family Law encompasses so many different areas that can turn a competent adult into a conflicted and confused individual. Carol Cardonick is a 30 year family law attorney that practices throughout Montgomery, Bucks, Philadelphia, Delaware and the surrounding counties. She focuses on a hands on approach when working with clients. Attorney Cardonick believes that each client is a team member, so that they navigate the process together, with their counsel guiding and representing them through their legal process.

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Family Law

Here at the Law Offices of Carol E Cardonick, we operate a family law practice that's based in Willow Grove, PA. We're prepared to advise clients who have questions about a variety of issues, including child support and child custody agreements and orders. We also offer guidance to parents who are trying to establish their right to visitation with their children. You can even come to us if you have concerns about determining paternity.

We can explain how you can seek support for a child. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there are firm guidelines that lead to a calculation of child support. The court looks into how much net income both parents have. The next set of issues to be examined is the cost of caring for a child, especially in terms of health insurance payments, out-of-pocket medical care expenses, and the need for child care. In nearly all cases, if there is a significant deviation in the agreed upon amount a judge must sign off on it.

The state also allows recovery of child support payments for unmarried parents and guardians. If there are questions regarding paternity, we can guide you through the process of requesting a DNA test. Once paternity is established, we can also work with you, the other parent, and the court to develop visitation rights.

We can also consult with parents who are seeking enforcement actions or modifications to support agreements. If payments have not been made, our lawyer can assist you with filing a contempt motion. She can also help you deal with situations where the payor is behind on payments due to job loss or other major life circumstances.

Our law office is open every weekday. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 215-830-9909. If you're looking for a family law attorney to represent your interests, get in touch with us at the Law Offices of Carol E Cardonick, P.C.

Ending a marriage can be an emotionally wrenching and legally challenging situation, but we at the Law Offices of Carol E Cardonick, can help you cope with it. Our divorce lawyer, Carol Cardonick strives to help her clients to defend their rights.

Our firm offers guidance regarding common family law issues that can come up as you get a divorce. We can help both partners arrive at agreements regarding the custody and support of their children, and we can also help you determine the division of assets, taxes owed, and liabilities. Our practice can even assist you with seeking a determination for alimony.

The court will want to look at a number of factors before deciding who pays what. There will be questions about the length of the marriage, and the judge will also want to know the earning potential of both people, including their educational and personal histories.

Our lawyer can provide advice that's specifically tailored to the needs of individuals with a high net worth. This can include helping create prenuptial agreements and dealing with those terms if a divorce happens. If you're looking to sign such an agreement, we'll do our best to help you see that everything is fully disclosed and agreed upon. If you wish to challenge a prenuptial agreement after a divorce, we can help you determine whether your former spouse misrepresented key details before signing or did not honor the terms of the agreement.

Before you move forward with your divorce, it may be wise to obtain counsel. Contact us today to see if we can take on your case.

Here at the Law Offices of Carol E Cardonick, we help clients sort through a number of issues that can arise from estate law issues. We work with people who are creating documents to govern their estates, and we can also guide you through the process of executing wills or contesting them. Our firm is based in Willow Grove, PA, and we're ready to take a look at your situation if you live in the vicinity of Buck County.

The number of issues that come up in the estate planning process can be surprising. For example, it's important to deal with the settlement of taxes. You'll likely want to see that the largest amount possible goes to the folks named in your will. This means implementing strategies that are aimed at minimizing tax issues and maximizing benefits.

Our practice works with clients who have a high net worth and those who have questions about complex situations, such as the support of children. Our lawyer can even help you see that your child's inheritance is preserved in the face of potential and future problems, such as divorce.

In Pennsylvania, the court has broad powers to award assets to parties from an estate. This means that it's important that the terms set down in your documents are as detailed as possible. That way, you can rest assured that your will has a good chance of standing up to the probate process.

Carol Cardonick, Esquire, is available for consultations every weekday. Call our office as soon as possible for help with your estate law questions.

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